Unstoppable page turner.

I'm not known for reading books quickly - heck, the last book I read was 45 pages (or 80 pages, or 90 pages, or something low according to Kindle) and it took me a week to read.

This book is 400+ pages and I swallowed it in a matter of days. I cannot resist Hunter's writing style and it has me ending each chapter/section with "just one more…".

Great stuff. It also brings in some of the end of book 4 - All The Rage into a larger storyline.

The writing is certainly formulaic to some degree, but that's not particularly a bad thing and having familiarity with the characters, for me having read all the DI Adam Fawley series, means I can follow along at a much more interesting pace through the book.

I suspect this is classic "beach reading" if I were the type. I've enjoyed every one of Hunter's books I've read so far and I'll be pre-ordering the sixth installment: and easy choice.

Others I've read in the "DI Adam Fawley" series: