Remy working

My name is Remy Sharp, I'm a web developer from Brighton in the UK working commercially on the web since 1999.

You may know me from:

Type of work I can help you with

I've been working professionally on the web since 1999 and have a great deal of experience through experimentation, developing and deploying.

I am highly skilled with JavaScript, both client side and backend (via node), but I'm also extremely competent with CSS and HTML, application architecture, performance, and the odd sysops here and there.

I'm open to anything interesting and challenging in front-end, node.js, or mobile web.

I also run training for your developers, again focused around JavaScript. Details of available workshops can be found on my business web site: Left Logic.

Rate and availability

My working week is Tuesday to Friday, and for full time dev projects. For projects, I will work with you to understand the requirements and if we both believe we would make good partners for the project, I will send through a fixed quote.

I am also available for monthy retainer (please ask for details) where your team will have 24x7 access to ask me anything that can help your product.

I work remotely, and am happy to visit for face-to-face meetings.

Let's work together

Email me today to get in touch about your project and let's set up a time to talk.