Hello and welcome to net gaff 👋 My name is Remy Sharp.

I live in the sometimes sunny Brighton (it's in the south of the UK, for those across the pond). The south coast is definitely my favourite place to be, but I spent some time on the outskirts of London whilst at University.

Photo of Remy Sharp
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I've been known to speak at conferences so if you want a bio you can copy and paste for me, please feel free to use the following latest info (available as html or markdown):

Remy is the founder and curator of ffconf, the UK based JavaScript conference. He also ran "jQuery for Designers" website, co-authored Introducing HTML5 and runs a video course on the command line.

Whilst he's not writing articles or running and speaking at conferences, he runs his own development and training company in Brighton called Left Logic. And he built these popular tools: nodemon, jsbin.com, inliner, mit-license.org, snapbird.org, jsconsole.com and others!


I run my own company Left Logic. It's a web development company with strong focus in JavaScript & HTML5 based bespoke applications.

If you want to get in touch to discuss a potential project, please feel free to contact me.

A Short(ish) History

The nice people at .net magazine were nice enough to interview me, so you can read about how I got in to this industry and what keeps me excited.

Written in 2006.

Brought up in Worthing (a sorry town, originally filled with old folk, now brimming with chavs), slipped through Boundstone high school, on to Worthing Sixth Form (oh - the good times) then after receiving an automatic acceptance to my second choice on the morning of my results, I guessed that I may not have done so well. I went through clearing taking Computer Information Systems Design at Kingston.

By some strange design of fate, I ended up in the same university as my girlfriend of the time, and I was even placed in residence across the way from her.

We moved to Norbiton and continued uni. At first I did well. In the second year I would have to apply for my third year placement (where I get industrial experience).

I never applied for the placement, I just got a phone call one day asking me if I'd like to come along to an interview (turned out a tutor had recommended me).

I got the job (though later I found out I almost didn't have it, something I said about parsing got the job for me). working at Gallio.

The 1 year placement ended with my boss asking me to stay on for another year (it was just the two of us at that point) and push the technology forward. I would even receive a pay rise. That and the flattery pretty much did it.

Six years later I was still there (2006). Gallio's project Digital Look took off and our approach to the Internet during the boom was to invest in our technology, use our heads and we came out of the crash unscathed. Digital Look is now one of the leading finance web sites providing solutions for HSBC, Barclays, The Abbey, The Express (national newspaper) and a bucket full of other clients.

I went from the sole developer, to a lead developer, to the head of technology, they hired a CTO, I became his right hand man, and now, today, I've moved on to run my own business taking everything I learnt from a small startup working on extremely fast turn arounds - which suits my "hacker-like" approach to prototyping.

Somewhere in between I married my college sweet heart, Julie, in June of 2004 and in 2014 we passed our "being together for more than half our lives" milestone!

Sorry, that wasn't really a short history 😉