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Hello and welcome to my b:log. I'm Remy Sharp, a developer running my own business called Left Logic out of Brighton, UK. This place will mostly concentrate on web, code, a touch of business and some other personal pieces too - all available here or as a friendly RSS feed. Enjoy!

Latest: Why I write and why I won't

I've been publishing on my blog since 2006 - something I'm personally proud of. My blog is the personal little space I've carved for myself on the web. Whilst I'm here in the real world, my blog will exist in the digital world, and every single post URL will work (404s are for the weak! 😏).

Back in 2015 I set myself an goal to publish at least two posts a month, for the most part I've managed. I've always been a fan of "easy goals" - something that's achievable without it causing stress - so doing some writing twice a month definitely hit that sweet spot.

This particular blog has been active since 2006, but I had also toyed with more diary-like sites during the early-2000s but the URLs are so obscure not only has the web forgotten, but they're wiped clean from my own memory.

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