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Hello and welcome to my b:log. I'm Remy Sharp, a developer running my own business called Left Logic out of Brighton, UK. This place will mostly concentrate on web, code, a touch of business and some other personal pieces too - all available here or as a friendly RSS feed. Enjoy!

Latest: Building a PS/2 remote keyboard

In the last week I bought myself a small computer called a neptUNO that has an FPGA (aka - to me - replicate retro computing hardware - see more here).

The ports on the machine are suitably old and include: VGA out, DB9 for joysticks/joypads and two PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse. The device does actually have a USB port, but thus far I can't find anything that works with it. So I bought myself a cheap PS/2 keyboard so I control the menu (selecting cores and ROMs) and of course the damn keyboard wouldn't work (turns out the cores needed pull resistors on the PS/2 inputs).

I had a choice: I could ether solder two 5-10K resistors to the newly purchased neptUNO (my soldering skills aren't great and could easily end up melting something I shouldn't)… or I could build myself a remote PS/2 keyboard - which is what I did… of course!

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