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Hello and welcome to my b:log. I'm Remy Sharp, a developer running my own business called Left Logic out of Brighton, UK. This place will mostly concentrate on web, code, a touch of business and some other personal pieces too. Enjoy!

Latest: Is jQuery still relevant?

I've been cruising the reddit listings recently and without much searching I found a staggering amount of "jQuery is outdated", "jQuery isn't relevant", "I think jQuery is dying out", "…forget about jQuery. It isn't good for anything anymore", "jQuery hasn't been relevant for years in my opinion, it's best to avoid a "career" that requires it"!

Now, I think it's fair to say: poppycock. But poppycock aside, the question remains: is jQuery still in 2017 (and as we join 2018) relevant and more importantly, is it worth a newcomer learning the library today?

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