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Hello and welcome to my b:log. I'm Remy Sharp, a developer running my own business called Left Logic out of Brighton, UK. This place will mostly concentrate on web, code, a touch of business and some other personal pieces too. Enjoy!

Latest: Faster tests for multi-node code with ES6 and babel

I've spent a lot of time writing CLI tools written in NodeJS (nodemon, snyk, inliner and more) and packages that have to work in multiple versions of node, and thus different support for JavaScript.

In general, I've stuck to "vanilla" ES5 JavaScript, no fancy arrow functions, or default parameters or niceties like includes. However, in the last year and support has been landing all over the place, I've slowly enjoyed using this sugar. More importantly pretty much all of ES6 is available in Node 6 - so now I've been looking at how I can use Babel to support ES6 without affecting my build times.

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