Kept me guessing and an easy read.

The subject matter is pretty dark and has similarities to Room by Emma Donoghue (which the story also acknowledges). However, it's an "easy read" as I'd imagine a "holiday read" would be.

The characters are drawn pretty well, perhaps a bit obvious/stereotypical, but that's what makes it easy. I've also read No Way Out by Cara Hunter and I didn't realise, but No Way Out was DI Fawley book 3 (Fawley being the "main" detective) and this was book 2 - and somehow I thought I was reading book 27, thus not realising that I was reading the series in reverse!

Although I've now read book 3 and 2 in reverse order, I don't think it matters too much, and the links between the books aren't necessary to the enjoy the story.

On the story, Hunter does a great job to draw a storyline that seems immediately obvious but then I found myself only half way and thought "there's no way this could be all wrapped up already" and lo there's more twists and turns. Good stuff. I enjoyed it.

Others I've read in the "DI Adam Fawley" series: