The hate crimes make this for brutal reading, but, as always, incredible engaging.

I'm not big on book series. I'm not big on police crime novels. And yet I've read all the books that Cara Hunter has released, all of which from the same police characters and all linking to each other (although I managed to read them as 3, 2, 1, 4!).

Hunter's writing is solid, well paced and doesn't give away where it's really going to go. The characters are all well drawn and motivated and I'm looking forward to buying her 5th publication.

Perhaps because I read the Adam Fawley books in reverse order, and therefore the arcs are backwards, but "All the Rage" definitely ramps up the brutality of the crime. This book starts out with, what's suspected as a hate crime.

It's this initial hate crime that feels so ugly and disturbing that initially I wasn't so sure I was enjoying the book (or rather I might have elected to stop reading). The reason it's so disturbing is partly because of our current social climate but also because I have friends who have been at the sharp end of similar kinds of hate crimes.

I carried on and it's a good read and definitely engaging. I did also enjoy that although the main book character is (or feels like it is) Adam Fawley, there's definitely a sense that this piece belongs to the women in the story as they drive the story forward and rise up to the various challenges.

Although this story can easily stand on it's own (I mention it's a series, but there's no required reading), I do think that having more character backstory and context has helped my own engagement in these characters.

Suffice to say: good stuff. Definitely recommend if you like these types of novels.