My small company, Left Logic is now actively hiring.

Left Logic is based in the heart of Brighton, my favourite part actually: The North Laine.

The company is a front end development and JavaScript specialist. I add JavaScript separately, because Node applications feature a lot in the projects we've worked on.

Technology stack includes:

  • node
  • git
  • grunt
  • devtools
  • express / handlebars / mongoose
  • heroku
  • mysql
  • mocha (though we could be a lot better at testing)
  • and more!

A typical day could be:

  • working on feature development and bug fixes
  • working on client projects (one particular client who has a complicated/intesting idea shop)
  • hacking on tools like twitterwall, twitter lib or any other side projects I've built
  • being support staff at one of our workshops or at Full Frontal (or related events)
  • experimenting with hardware and JavaScript (this is rare, but something I'm interested in adding to)
  • attending conferences

I also run flexible hours in the office. I (Remy) would typically be in the office Tuesday to Friday, but working evening or weekend hours. You're expected to be able to manage your own hours, and the aim is to get the work done rather than clock your hours.

If you're interested in applying, please email with a covering email as to why you're the person for the job and links to your github profile (or equally some portfolio that shows off your coding chops).


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