As the curator of Full Frontal I'm extremely proud of our event and it's content, and this year we sold out in 11 minutes.

That was good and bad. The bad being that lots of people missed out.

So I'm running a side event called: Side View on Saturday 9th November in Brighton, UK.

MY EVENTAttend 2018

The UK's best JS and web development conference. 8 amazing speakers, workshops, socials — find out more & get tickets today.

It's 6 front end sessions for £50+VAT. Frankly I think it's a steal, but then I get to go free (because I'm running it!).

Full details of each talk and the link to buy tickets is here:

I'd love for you to come along, and equally if you can spread the word that would really help. Full Frontal sells out quickly, but getting the word out about a new event is always harder.

Also, we're still looking for a single sponsor for the event who would get exclusive rights over sponsorship. If you're interested (or know a company) please get in touch (a contact link is on the page above).

Thanks, and please do spread the word!

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