Happy last Friday of July ☀️🔥🌍 where climate change is causing us in the UK to swelter.

It's been a jam packed month for me this month. A lovely family week holiday in Turkey swimming every day (and me mostly burning because I'm horrible reflective white). Then we released and SOLD OUT 😱 ffconf 2019 in 24 hours, blogged a bunch and even made a game (or a clone).

Here's me going glug in Turkey because I know you're wondering:


My big thing: The conference

ffconf is something that myself and my partner, Julie, work on for about nine out of twelve months.

We launched the web site and tickets in the middle of the month and I'm pleased to say that we've sold out the day passes in 24 hours.

The web site is a Next.js build to a static site hosted on Netlify - in the past we've have problems handling traffic but everything was easy this year (another 👍 for static sites). The design is based (loosely) on the french stencil artwork from the 60s: 2019.ffconf.org

I'm also running full day master class workshops on Next.js using React in a number of locations around the world later this year:

  • At my own ffconf (and the workshop comes with a day pass to ffconf), Brighton UK / Nov: details / tickets
  • Frontiers, Amsterdam / October: details
  • Smashing Mag, New York / October: details

On the blog

Holidays tend to put a pretty serious dent in my blogging capabilities, but right at the end of the month I managed a few posts about analytics and published a draft that I had started (and mostly written) from back in 2015!

  • Progressive Enhancement - my in depth post of what progressive enhancement is, what we think it is, resources and more.
  • Analytics, logs and metrics - reviewing Netlify analytics, custom solutions (I use GoAccess) and Google Analytics - and how I'm using them all.
  • User agent tunnel vision - a follow up on analytics and progressive enhancement calling out my own tunnel vision around user agents.

Monthly recommend

A couple of oldies, but goodies all the same. Firstly, I Am Legend. A short read and really a massively different thing to the movie. Really good read - a full classic.

The second recommend is some Tetris (clone!) fun. During my live coding session this week I took a stab a writing a clone using JavaScript as Tetris turns 35 years 😱 this year. Wow.

I decided to continue with my version and got full mobile support, PWA and replicated the original DOS pre-commercial version of Tetris. I'm pretty chuffed with it. My best score is 80 lines, how about you? tetris.isthe.link


Thanks for reading and I shall return in August!

– Remy 👋

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