Happy last Friday of June ☀️

It's been a busy sweltering month and I've been burrowing away at my own software and blogging whilst carefully dodgy that ball of fire in the sky (I'm an original ginger so the mere mention of the sun causes me to burn!).

I should say if you're looking for any bespoke development, particularly in the rapid prototype area–then I'm absolutely hireable (I'm not convinced this is a real word). There's some details here and of course my code is free to browse. Otherwise, I'll continue on the project hacking and blogging 😃


In a Twitch session I ran a month or so ago, I started to add "webmentions" to my blog. Webmentions (yes, one word) are the Indieweb's evolution of pingbacks (if you can remember) and it was surprisingly easy. Max Böck's implementation tutorial is probably the best article online at the moment.

However, I felt like the method to send webmentions was lacking simplicity, so in a few hours I had built the underpinnings of webmention.app. I then spent a few more days on the last 20% to catch bugs but also give the documentation 110%.

The result is that it's incredibly simple to add outgoing webmention support to your website now. Do check it out.

On the blog

Somehow I've published seven posts this month. My default aim is two each month which ensures I'm always writing and producing content for my own site. I also find that if I can write a post in a day, it's gotta go live the same day otherwise it sits in the eternal hell of draft status.

The two big posts were:

  • Send Outgoing Webmentions - details on how I'm doing webmentions and announcing webmention.app
  • Ejecting Disqus - how I completely replaced Disqus after finding that they were injecting Facebook tracking into my site (and all other sites using Disqus)

If you're an 11ty user (highly recommend, great software), then I wrote about how to add scheduled posts and draft posts to your projects.

Then three technical posts:

Monthly recommend

A couple of fun recommends. First up is Hydra Editor which I found after watching Olivia Jack's talk at JSConf Asia (on YouTube). Seriously wacky. Seriously cool.

Secondly, 2Doom - really fun and cute Doom game reimagined in 2D. Play it!

My bits

I've got a few ways that you can support my writing, code and work.

Thanks for reading and I'll speak to you again in July (after I get back from holidays ⛱🏝🍸),

– Remy 👋

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