Remember the days that Apple used to pitch itself as David in the David and Goliath stories? Well, the tables have turned. Apple, in a short number of days, are going to intentionally kill off PWA support.

2-March 2024: Apple has backed down (for now), thanks to the efforts of amazing people, but the fight continues. Read the details

This affects developers, businesses and users.

When any documentation eventually emerged, Apple not only intentionally confused readers as to the reasoning, but also lied, and not just a little lie, just outright lie.

Alex Russell has an excellent long form piece that explains the reality of what's going on. Take 20 minutes of your day and read it.

Do two things

There's two things you can do to help to attempt to fight back against Goliath Apple:

  1. Sign the open letter to Tim Cook
  2. Blog (feel free to copy this post if you want), toot, bookface, linkitin, tweet (or ecks…?) - it doesn't have to be long, but it has to be now.

Safari has long held users back. If Apple succeed here, they'll have delivered a heavy blow to the open web (and frankly, some decent choices for your phones).

Don't just read this: fight back