I remember from a very young age I was determined that I must leave a lasting mark in this world. I knew that my best chance was children, but I also hoped that it could be something else too. Like sharing of knowledge, or helping someone in a meaningful and lasting way.

Being in England, I've always enjoyed visiting castles. I'd find myself touching the old stones and seeking out graffiti of scrawled love messages from individuals centuries ago.

The mere thought of someone else being exactly where I stood, touching the same wall hundreds of years before me totally blew my mind.

Although I know it's impossible for the web to have the same stronghold on reality as the castle walls did, I find myself constantly striving to leave a lasting fingerprint on the web.

Ironic however, that I post this note on this blog, when I know full well that this particular blog will not last. One day it will be gone, along with the URL, lost forever. An ever fading fingerprint.