Today I'm excited to launch my video training course on the command line for "non-techies": designers, UI, UX, new developers, product owners and anyone who works with technical people. As of today, it's available under a special launch price.

Using the command line can make you more effective, happier and profitable 💪😺💰 and can help optimise your workflow and make repetitive tasks easy. That's why I think having some knowledge of the command line is important.

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This course starts with how to "just open the terminal", and goes on to show you how to install and run programs, how to connect programs to make more sense of what you're looking at, how to break things, how to health check, how to customise your terminal so it's a match to your style, manipulate content using grep, awk and much more.

You can see the full course material list on the site too.

What you get

I've spent months of work writing and recording video content that I felt would fit the learning. In total there is over 4 hours of video and I'm also including a copy of my "Working the Command Line" eBook (published under A Book Apart) as part of the master course (so extra bonuses 🎁).

The full master course includes: 37 videos, DRM-free, streaming support and offline download, 81 page ebook and free updates.

Terminal training screenshot

Playback software

Being a developer at heart, of course I wrote the entire course software from scratch! This does mean that I've made sure that it has all the little customisations that I'd want to see in courseware.

Specific highlights include:

  • Downloadable zip files of all the videos for offline viewing (on the master package)
  • Closed captions for all the videos
  • Fully responsive, and it works perfectly on both desktop to mobile
  • Sticky playback speed and volume preferences - so if you prefer to watch me at 1.75x speed (which I do!), then that'll stick across devices and viewings
  • Visual progress indicators (for both partial progress and completed progress) which is sticky to your account
  • Automatically progresses to the next video once finished (which remains in fullscreen and loads without a reload - something I've come to appreciate personally!)

The app is written using React and Redux (though in production I swap out to Preact), and you can see a few insights I had into latency and rendering that I recorded last week (and yes, I'm going off topic and I will try to share my experience).

Get the course now

So, please share on twitter or even better, directly with any individuals you know would benefit from the course ❤️