As I dropped my son off at school and I was leaving, I spotted a whiteboard in the rain where some parents were huddling. I saw that it read: "International Women's Day: the women who have inspired you".

I wanted to turn back and write on the board, but I couldn't get my thoughts straight quickly enough (and possibly shyness overtook me) but I did want to put my thoughts here. So, I present to you some of the women that have inspired me.

My mum

Sure, it's obvious, but she brought her three kids up with a fairly absent husband and father (though he is still a loving father). My childhood is defined by the single mother upbringing that I had. My mum was and is, strong as rocks.

My best-friend, wife and mother to my children

Again, trite, sorry, but as I've grown up with Julie over the last 20 years I've seen an amazing women that has inspired me to be a better person. She's shown me how amazing it is to see a young woman turn into a loving mother. She still inspires me today.

Ada Lovelace

I remember learning about Ada Lovelace and the Babbage machine when I was a student at university (around 1997). To me, she was the first programmer and that was amazing. Working with so little technology and yet being at the forefront of it all. Later, (much later around 2015) I learned about the struggle she faced as a woman in her industry. I'm ashamed to say I had no idea back in '97, but I can't imagine how hard it was for her to persevere against her peers, and that, makes her even more inspiring to me.

Emma Watson

In particular, her address at the UN for the HeForShe campaign. It's a definitive moment in time, but for me inspired a change in the way I look around me.


Two particular comediennes who I think are amazing, and I've learnt from and inspired me to question my surroundings, are: Amy Poehler (in large part as her role as Leslie Knope) and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (for Fleabag, Crashing and good lord she's going to be in a upcoming Star Wars film!).