ffconf is created and run by myself and Julie, and my most important job is to curate very best content for the year. Each year is a challenge, but as the year progresses, I ask myself: what's important to the web, the way we work and how can we improve?

The sessions will make you and your business better from day to day. So why should you attend ffconf?

Brower developer tools are like air to the web developer. We'll use them everyday and thank goodness they've progressed as much as they have over the years.

But now there's so many features in the devtools, "what to learn & use?!" – I hear you cry! The OPTIMISE YOUR WEB DEVELOPMENT WORKFLOW session will guide you and teach about new DevTools features which can greatly enhance your workflow. Then the session will multiply your new knownledge by showing you how use devtools to debug your Node.js applications too!

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