The last year I've made a conscious effort to focus development efforts in JS Bin, and that's exactly what I did for over 8 months.

I had the great pleasure of hiring Giulia Alfonsi and Fabien O'Carroll. Giulia's contracted ended after 6 months and Fabien is now headed to greener pastures.

So now I have a 4 person office to myself. With that burning a hole in the business pocket, I've decided to completely reboot my business.

I'm shutting down the office and returning to solo working and surfing from co-working space to coffee shops with the aim of working on hugely diverse projects and contributing more to the web community via blogging, videos and training.

Exciting next opportunities

Starting in January 2015, I'll continue to work alone again, tinkering in side projects, but more importantly, returning to client development, consultancy and training.

This means that I can be more nimble in my client work, jumping from project to project and working on all kinds of things (previously it ranged from Christmas Google Map projects, to WebRTC demos, to Node & WebSocket based games, to JavaScript reviews and training).

Why you'd hire me

I've been working on the web professionally since 1999 (and several years before that on personal experiments) and I believe that length of experience is a major contributor to my skills. Often I was thrown into unknown (technical) waters, and it was sink or swim with nothing in between. From that I know my work always focuses towards practicality over perfection.

Often when I've been brought in to review existing code along with the review I'll do my best to impart the techniques and tools I used to review, diagnose and fix. My aim isn't to swoop in and amaze, it's to help your team and help validate their skills.

What's next?

Get in touch if you want to discuss a project or idea.

I'm going to continue to invest in JS Bin and I'll be launching Confwall in the next few weeks, a commercial offering of a conference wall with tweets, schedule and announcements.

Beyond that, like I said, I'll be blogging and posting more technical videos in the coming year.