In my workflow v3 screencast last week I gave a flash of my terminal, and (as I did when I saw it first), many people asked me about my set up.

TL;DR: it's zsh with a customised version of agnoster running with iTerm 2.

Remy Sharp's terminal settings

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Terminal application tweaks

If you're running a Mac, and you're using Terminal, stop it. Right now. Just close it, remove the shortcuts and do yourself a favour, and install iTerm 2. Future you will thank both you and me.

Here are the customisations:

Note that I've also sometimes tweak the "Minimum contrast" to around 1/5th on the slider in iTerm, this is to get around some dark colours used in Grunt and Yeoman (though may have been long resolved).

Shell tweaks

Like I said, I'm using the Agnoster theme with a few small tweaks.

Firstly here's my complete theme file. One key difference is that I put the cursor on a line by itself so I don't have to change where I'm looking to find my cursor.

This makes use of a battery capacity script from's blog (a good overall read too) with a small tweak (I use rectangles):

Finally I have an online indicator, green for active connection, and red for not. I found that when I travel with a 3G dongle attached, it was useful to get a glance status. It's done by a cronjob touching or removing a file to indicate status every minute, and the file is checked by the prompt: