Each year, since 2006, Julie and I have planned a Christmas movie day, where we watch a day of Christmas spirited films whilst eating various Christmas type food (basically: volauvents). We have a rule that we can't watch the same film two years in a row, but we're secretly trying to watch different films each year. So here's where I ask you: what films are we missing?

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I'd love to know what one film we should watch, and why it's special to you. Either for memories, or it makes for a good film, or you watch it every year after the turkey's been finished and before the arguments over monopoly start.

Here are the films we've watched over the years (and our plan for 2012).

I've marked the films that I'd recommend watch with a * and those I'd watch a few times over with ** - though this based entirely my personal taste, your mileage may vary!


(And a few others that we forgot to take note of)











Future Potentials

Again, what would you recommend, and why?

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