I wanted to let you know, my dear reader, what I've been up to lately, but more over that I'm going to start cross posting my other articles to this blog.

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HTML 5 Doctor

If you've not seen it already through Twitter or colleagues blogs, HTML 5 Doctor is a tutorial site that aims to take the pain out of learning the new whizz bang stuff that's going on in HTML 5.

I was brought on board as the last doctor - oh yes, that means I'm the David Tennant version :-D along with the following motley crew: Rich Clark, Bruce Lawson, Mike Robinson, Tom Leadbetter and Jack Osborne. No doubt my posts will primarily focused on the JavaScript APIs available in HTML 5 (and around - since lots of cool stuff has been separated out).

Go check it out, subscribe, follow and buy the t-shirt (...well, perhaps one day).

I'll be cross posting the introductions of these articles to my blog, and you'll be able to read the full article over at HTML 5 Doctor.

jQuery for Designers

Similarly, I've decided I'm going to cross post the intros of these articles, so that you have the choice of reading the article or not. They're all jQuery related and go through tutorials in detail - they also all come with a screencast (for those of us who can't be bothered to read - i.e. me!).

I'm also working on the jQuery for Designers book, so I've gone a little quiet on the blogging front (or at least I think I have) - there's been some delays on both my side and the publishers side, but it's coming along now (though it's in the drag stage!).

I've had some cover designs so far, I can't say I'm over the moon, and the final design needs work on the font choice, but I guess that's something we'll sort out much later down the line (if at all). I guess if anything, I can call it the Black Book (ala Metallica's Black Album).


I'm doing more speaking this year, along with workshops which I'm excited and slightly nervous about. I'm trying to post up as much free information to the talks page as I can (i.e. PDF links without having to register with SlideShare).

The talks are swinging between jQuery and HTML5 (with a dash of unobtrusive experiments) - so if you can come along, great! Otherwise, check out the videos and the slides if you want.


As usual, I've been hacking away at other projects, and particularly focusing on HTML 5, so I'm working on a mini project called: HTML 5 Demos

The site will run along similar themes to Chrome Experiments, in that I want people to be able to submit their own HTML 5 demos to share some knowledge.

I've been posting a few demos up there already, so feel free to have a play and check out the source code.

Other projects I've hacked together recently (and may, or may not blog about in more detail):