Last year Julie and I cycled the London to Brighton bike ride, a first for me. I enjoyed it so much that Julie jokingly suggested that we should cycle London to Paris for a bigger challenge. To her surprise I was keen to do it.

One year later and four months of full time time at the gym, and the big day is here. We start our 200 odd mile bike ride to Paris in just a few hours - and I couldn't be more excited!

If you're a regular reader of my blogs or have been able to use something I've posted about to make your working day a little easier, please consider donating a small amount to McMillan cancer support, whom I'm riding for. Note that we've paid all the travel, hotel, etc costs ourselves, so anything raised goes directly to charity.

I hoping to mini blog the experience via my Twitter account, and I aim to post up a full account along with pictures here.

Wish me luck - I'm looking forward to the impending sore bottom!

Here's the Twitter diary I kept over the week.