Ever since jQuery 1.1.3 the old API browser hasn't been updated due to incompatibilities in the documentation (though that's mostly assumptions). Although the new docs is comprehensive, I've always liked the quick access the old API browser gave.

As such, I've got about my own way re-building an API browser based on the new documentation.

Check out the new jQuery API browser

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It's entirely driven by JavaScript (with a tiny smidge of .htaccess). The most important two features for me were to be able to quickly jump to any method either by searching or just to check the params.

This can either be done by the live search or via the URL, e.g: /jquery-api/bind

If John, or anyone else on the jQuery team are interested, I'd much rather see this sitting on the http://jquery.com/api URL, just get in touch - it's just easier to type :-)