Year after year, here in the UK, we have the same usual rubbish for Christmas songs. We had Mr Blobby as No. 1 back in 1993 and Bob the Builder in 2000 even made it the poll position.

Sure, we had a few serious ones, but come on, admit it, Mad World was almost as painful as watching Robert Palmer dance.

So, this year, I'm rooting for the alternative. are going head to head with the likes of the Spice Girls and Simon Cowell's best offerings. They're backing Lucky Soul's Lips Are Unhappy.

It ain't that Christmasy and there ain't no snow (please ignore the double negative...), but it's a difference, it's an alternative to the usual trash we have to listen to for a Number 1.

It's 40p (for two tracks) and all profits go to War Child. On top of which, if it knocks down the Goliath institutions, you'll have piece of mind that you helped make that difference.

Go buy it.