Although this is should be obvious, since the iPod Touch comes with Safari, I've found to my pleasure: you can run bookmarklets through Safari (mobile).


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This means either I set up the bookmarklet on my desktop Safari and sync it across, or just spend a couple of minutes adding it manually.

I find bookmarklets useful for sites like Wikipedia and my links:


It also supports much more complicated bookmarklets, like my Microformats bookmarklet:

Microformats on my iPod Touch

Sadly, but as expected, importing the vCard doesn't work :-( (certainly not on the iPod Touch - I'd be interested to hear what it does on an iPhone).

I also spotted the overflow style on the inner white div isn't working on the iPod (a bit of debugging may fix that).

As I said in the description on Flickr above, it might be worth adding the option to expand out all details, and even detecting the iPhone/Touch and adding support for phone links.