In doing a recent Google search, Google reported that w3csites was harmful to my computer.

I registered my business site, Left Logic with w3csites a little while ago, so this made me very curious what their web site could be hosting that Google would consider harmful.

W3C Sites considered harmful by Google

What's worse for them, is that since their search is driven by a branded Google search, all of the results suggest the result (which points back within the w3csites site) is harmful!

It does raise a few questions:

  1. What did W3C Sites do to get flagged?
  2. Do I want to be associated with a site that's been flagged as Badware?
  3. Is Google relying on (in part if at all) on individuals flagging bad sites - and could individuals flag their competitors?

Perhaps Google is suggesting that it's harmful to conform to standards!


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