Scientific American Several years ago I wrote Marbles Squared, a 'lightweight addictive puzzle game' for the Palm Pilot.

I would often peruse Google for reviews and download figures, until one day, I found an article that referenced my little game.

Somehow, randomly, some chap was writing for the Scientific American about Palm Pilots, and he had spotting some kid on the tube (or subway for those across the pond) playing the same game he was playing: Marbles Squared:

She was just jealous, I thought. After all, she was a mere BlackBerry user, whereas I was a member of the digerati! To console myself, I downloaded a game called Marbles Squared to my Treo. It was good for playing on the subway, where I couldn't connect to the Web. But one morning on the downtown local, I looked up from my screen and saw that the person sitting next to me was playing the same game on his Treo. He was a pimply teenager with peach fuzz on his upper lip. So much for my delusions of technological grandeur.

I didn't realise that the magazine was actually a magazine - one you could pick up and read! I just thought it was some little nothing comment on the net. I had to have it pointed out earlier this year that, in fact, it was pretty cool to be mention in the article.