I remember, back in 2000, I think, while I was away for maybe my first snowboarding holiday, upon my return, I found my desk (...and my email) had been in constant use.

Nothing unusual compared to nowadays, but back then, there was only 5 of us, so I definitely thought: "who's been sleeping in my bed?"

I had spoken to the culprit on the phone, and I remember thinking he had a strong, proud British accent.

Turned out he was a big friendly Greek looking Swedish Rugby chap that you could hear his chuckle from across the road.

He left today, some 7 years on, to green pastures...though he has yet to sew those seeds - I'm sure he'll prosper and grow in to everything he can be.

Jaani, I salute you, and may our friendship live long after we are forced to share a single toilet again (Clapham...Vauxhall...Lime Street...because we could...).

You'll be missed. Stay in touch and good luck.