This last week has been a long a painful one - but no one really wants to read about me moaning about long hours.

Instead, Friday I had a double dose of flattery - which certainly washed away any bad feelings I had about the preceding long weekdays.

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First came a comment on my Left Logic microformats bookmarklet tool. A chap saying that he heard about my bookmarklet listening to the WSG podcast from the London meetup.

Jeremy Keith, of Clearleft included my bookmarklet in a presentation on Microformats this week.

The second was on Friday night, when, around 1am, John Resig of jQuery fame asked me if I would like to participate in defining the scope of the jQuery documentation.

Half me suspects it's because we used Mac specific software to edit the documentation collaboratively (Subethaedit if you're curious) - but the 'cup is half full' side of me thinks it's because I could make some contribution.

It was very cool and very flattering.