Adrift is about 4 young friends who, after 5 years apart, meet up for a birthday cruise on a big ass yacht.

Amy is our protagonist, who is no longer with handsome Dan and aside from carrying a new born child, also carries a horror story from her past rendering her useless around water...makes you wonder about the trip...

Off they all sail, happy as Larry, whilst Amy and her new husband are bouncing the baby, Dan has also acquired a young piece of flesh, that he also is bouncing on his knee.

Six of them (+ 1/2 for the kid) sailing off. What could go wrong?

Well - since it's in the plot summary, they all end up taking a swim, and low and behold, there's no ladder to get back up.


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Adrift movie posterThe first half of the film seems to go by pretty slowly and leading up to the realisation that they're all screwed without a ladder, it generally felt like either bad editing or bad photography - because all I could think was: okay, there's another helicopter shot of the boat, or car, or motorbike, or whatever.

They do a good job of getting your nerves running, which, I guess put me a little on edge - but I'm sure that had a lot to do with the two separate groups talking throughout the film.

Sadly, the high moments of the film are when some of the characters die - come on, that was obvious, I'm not giving anything away :-)

What I didn't realise, and if anyone actually reads this, and is from the US, you're not going to recognise the title.

That's because actually...Open Water 2! Now how did I not know that! I mean, I enjoyed Open Water, but to actually go along to a sequel that's so blatantly out there to bastardise the success of the first...well, I even surprise myself sometimes.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Directed by: Hans Horn

Watchable, not worth the cinema trip (though it was free), acting is okay, it got the two star for succeeding in rousing some emotion (wanting to punch one of the characters) and feeling (the sad bit).