Windows (as usual) has lots of options, this seems popular: - but Mac users? 😱

I'm on a mac so this is the solution I finally found (which might also work on linux).

First you'll need to install fatsort - best method I've found is using via brew install fatsort. Then using your favourite terminal app:

  • Put sd card in your machine (Mac/PC) and run mount on the command line - take note of the /dev/… path NEXT is mounted on (for instance, mine is /dev/disk2`
  • Unmount from the command line using diskutil unmount /Volumes/NEXT (leave the sd card inserted)
  • Run fatsort as root: sudo fatsort -D /GAMES/ -a -c -o a /dev/disk2 - this says to only sort /GAMES and all the sub directories (-D), and ascii sort (-a), ignore casing (-c), files and directories are not differentiated (-o a)

Now my /GAMES directory is sorted and easier to navigate 👍

Updated: 2023-03-02 - there's now a useful GUI for macOS to sorting FAT 32 files 🎉