On the Console Repair Discord I'd offered to fix a Pokémon Sapphire cart that was initially not working, but then went to a repair shop and came back with a leg on one of the chips missing.

The work would require grinding down the silicone of the chip to expose the internals of the missing leg and jump it to the solder pad. The cart was also missing a resistor and capacitor.

I decided to start by completely removing the chips from the board, and I'm glad I did because underneath I found a lot of corrosion and junk from either time or previous attempts. The solder joints also looked dull which suggested to me that it would benefit from a reflow.

Once this was done, the board was cleaned (thankfully there was no trace repair required), I replaced the chips and went about grinding the ROM chip to expose the broken leg.

Once exposed, I created a jumper using solder to the pad, installed a few missing components (a capacitor and resistor had been lost previously) and it was all back to life.