Happy last Friday of November.

Whoosh, November for me and Julie (my partner) is a huge month that we work towards pretty much from January and jeepers it's been jam packed and amazing at the same time.

My online courses, $19 this weekend

For the cyber weekend, I'm running an 80% discount on both my courses' "master package" down to only $19. If you want to conquer the command line, then my 37 video course is perfect and highly recommend by my peers: terminal.training + discount

If you're looking to master universal and server side rendered React (and hate configuration as much as I do!) then my Next.js is for you (note that the latest next@9 features will be added in late Dec/early Jan): next.training + discount

The code CYBER_WEEKEND works on both courses to reduce the price to $19.

Our event: ffconf, the 11th year

As I said, ffconf is something that we start working on from the beginning of the year. I'll start to think about content and inviting speakers and Julie starts booking venues and dates (and a whole load more).

Then in early-mid November it all comes together and we sit back and watch how the day plays out. So far, year after year, the feedback has been unbelievably positive. It's a huge honour to have had so many people over the decade-plus speak and this year was no exception: Sharon Steed, Amina Adewusi, Alice Bartlett, Laura Kalbag, Harry Roberts, Anna Migas, Charlotte Dann and Suz Hinton. What an inspiration the entire day was to me in particular.

All the audio and the slides for our speakers is live on the archive site and the videos for the first two talks, Engaging Empathy and What does it take to become a developer in 2020?, have gone live today. The rest will be released in pairs in the coming week (and announced online and via Twitter).

On the blog

Following the cyber weekend discounts, I've posted a few discounts I know about where the course (or product) has either been directly recommended to me or where I've bought it myself long prior to the discount.

I wrote my own round up of ffconf 2019 on some of the subjects but moreover why the individuals were invited to speak.

If you're doing any Next.js development, I discovered a really nice trick to help make import statements easier to read.

Then I finally finished a blog post on CSS compression I had started over a decade ago. So that's one draft down, 75 to go…

Monthly recommend

A non digital one for you this month. Something I learnt years ago watching the DVD extras for the TV series 24.

If you ever want to know how much sun you have left in the day until sunset, put your hand out at arm's length and use your fingers stretched out to measure the distance between the sun and the horizon. Each finger width is about 15 minutes of light, so if the sun is 3 fingers away from the horizon, you've got 45 minutes of light left until sunset.

Pretty useful for the winter months and the occasional photography.

Thanks for reading and I shall return in December.

– Remy 👋

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