Happy last Friday of December…and 2017!

Happy holidays folks, I hope you've been able to break away from work over these last two weeks as we approach the last week of the year.

Each year, in an almost obsessive compulsive way, I post a year end blog entry on the 31st of December (which is to say: it's not live yet). It makes for a nice memory prompt for future years. Although it's fairly mundane to the average reader, I'd highly recommend it as it's easy to feel like nothing was achieved as another year flew by.

On the blog

I've squirrelled away a few blog posts since you [last heard from me](https://remysharp.com/2017), and already have two drafts waiting in the wings for 2018 to begin!

By far the most popular post this month and indeed this entire year (with 18,434 views according to Google Analytics) was my post entitled Is jQuery still relevant?. I'll admit it's a little link-baity, but going by the constant (re)tweets on twitter, the shirty comments in reddit and the continued traffic: obviously it still holds a strong relevance our our daily web work.

I also shared my thoughts on Github's new security vulnerability feature. The short version is: I'm not a fan because I think it creates anti-patterns within our work, but you can have a read and draw your own conclusions: is it better to have something, or worse to ignore potential threats…?

Monthly recommend

A random collection of bits and bobs for your end of year:

  • Watching (on Netflix): The Sinner - superb TV, made me audibly gasp!
  • Reading: Binti - utterly original (or certainly to me) short sci-fi story, really fresh and enjoyed it
  • Running: npx - not new by far, but I'm using npx to run ./node_module/.bin commands quite regularly these days
  • Undoing: ohshitgit.com - silly useful for undoing mistakes with git…which I'm regularly guilty of!

Until 2018, I wish you all a happy new year 🎉

– Remy 👋