Happy last Friday of July!

This month's big moment for me has been the launch of the 9th edition of ffconf. Each year I'm super nervous with the growing amount of existing events and Brexit having a direct impact on company training budgets it's all a bit of a mess. But! The launch went really well, and we sold Friday out within 24 hours 🎉

If you want to be involved there's still time to grab a Thursday ticket or even a deep dive masterclass with me on Next.js or even Angular 5.0 with Gerard Sans. A few things you can do:

On the blog

Probably the blog post with the most interest this month has been my revisiting Windows after using a Mac for well over a decade now. I'm still in the process of getting my development workflow right, but I wrote up a lengthy post on my opinion of the Surface Book hardware. TL;DR: it's (surprisingly) pretty nice.


If you've followed my work, I've always been a bit anti frameworks…I can't honestly say if I had good reason, but in the last year I've worked more and more with React and enjoying it.

I've got a long-post out early next month for people like me who resist these frameworks, and I've even started a video course on Next.js which is, what I'd called, zero configuration universal React apps. If you're interested in learning more, you can here.

Monthly recommend

If you're working for yourself or have to bill clients, I read Jonathan Stark's Hour Billing Is Nuts and although the price point feels a bit high for a book, it's totally worth every penny and packed with really good advice and suggestions. Jonathan also runs a daily (!!!) email list which I think I've read nearly every one that comes in, so again, I'd recommend that too.

If you've got any great thing to recommend, please hit reply and let me know - I'm always on the lookout on making my working life a little easier!

Thanks for reading, and have a super weekend.

– Remy 👋