For me: a must read.

Reading Moran's book I could quickly see that I was the exact target audience for the content: white, cis, straight, leftie male. I try my best to be a feminist but I know that sometimes I end up being an apologist for my own gender.

Moran doesn't slam men in her book (as easy as that might be) she instead asks me to celebrate or be proud my masculinism in a way that doesn't have to be toxic or have causalities.

Her book has made me question what I consider the ideal values for being a man are. I'm not sure yet, but I'd long given up even asking the question.

She also gives some damn good reasoning to help understand the existence of the angry white men, boys that are being, effectively brain washed. It's something I don't have personal experience of, but having a young son, I'm even more aware of where he gets his information and inspiration from.

There's a lot of really good content in her book, both to spark discussion and reflective thought, but also stories of other men's experiences both positive and negative - which has helped me see the similarities in how I conduct myself as a man.

If you're anything like me, I highly, highly recommend reading this book.