Favourite book of my year: wonderful.

I loved the characters. I've loved the story telling. I loved the passion around work. I loved the love between the characters.

Crossing multiple decades but the crux takes place during the height of 1990s PC gaming. i.e. shortly after Doom - and our characters are games makers.

Though the weaving part is their company that makes games, I wouldn't call this a "gamer's book". I'm certainly not a gamer by their measure, but the story put into their game design and the love they have is infectious.

The book left me genuinely inspired. The character Marx makes me want to be more like him. He has purpose in helping others without being a martyr.

What's more, the book left me wanting to make. I love that hungry creative feeling (even if it's slightly dampened by having too many projects!).

Loved it. Strong recommend.