Great addition to the story of a struggling Murderbot.

I continue to love Martha Wells' Murderbot diaries.

As the years (and diaries) have gone on, SecUnit/Murderbot (and I'm sure they gave themselves a name in one of the books...) struggles to navigate their own emotions, mostly pushing them down, or "tagging for later" - something I'm sure I've done before.

It's this part of the story that makes Murderbot so relatable, and makes me consider that the impending AI uprising is perhaps not a matter for Terminators but a new species that will struggle with existence just as much as humans do.

It's also nice to get a full novel from Wells - just so I can chew on the story and have Murderbot in my life a little longer.

I have to admit there's some points where I'm reading the plot and just going along with it. Sometimes losing track of which human is which (and I'm not sure someone could just pickup this book without having read a lot of the previous books in the series). But this isn't particularly at the detriment of the book - the characters are compelling enough that I want to keep with them (ART and ART-drone included).

I'll continue to recommend the Murderbot diaries. Lovely, human stuff.

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