I found the storytelling device clumsy and distracting, the first miss (for me) from Hunter.

The story is told through a docu-drama series, half as if it were a script, and half as if it were transcript of the episodes (including call sheets for the beginning of each episode).

Hunter has used devices like social media post threads and newspaper posts in their DI Fawley books, but the devices are much more prevalent throughout this book and, for me, just distract from the reading experience.

It's not helped by the fact I read on a Kindle and specifically with a dyslexia font, but Hunter's ebooks always have mixed type setting (which is forced into a sans-serif font and usually much smaller). Then in addition, there's sections which are images embedded in the book that require zooming in to read. Or maybe they're not supposed to be read… I don't know.

As I said, the devices used in the book, the "format", just took over the whole reading experience. On top of which, it in itself created plot holes (which I can't remember now because the book was so cumbersome to read).

Definitely still looking forward to more of Hunter's work, but I hope they don't use this format again.