A wonderful journey into Rothfuss' world.

As part two of a three part series covering three days (one book per day), the tone and story continues brilliantly onwards from book one (which I read mid-2019).

The characters, their quirks and more importantly to me, the beautiful prose of the book came right back to life.

The book clocks in at a 1,000 pages, and though by my standard that's a (very) long book, quite often I found myself happy that I was still inside the tale and that I still had a long way to go before it would end (and I knew that the current decade wait for book three could well draw longer so I wasn't so eager to finish the book!).

For me, the enjoyment was in the storytelling and being whisked away into the world completely. I honestly did find the amount of sex in the book kind of over the top. I can buy that Kvothe is a legend character and one part of that is perhaps he has a reputation with women, but I'm not wholely sure I needed the many-month-long shagathon story when Kvothe is away with the faeries…

Still, even with this, I found myself wanting to stay in the world for as long as I could.

The very ending, like the last few pages of The Name of the Wind did surprise me a left me a little confused, but I like to think that one day The Doors of Stone will answer some of those questions…

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