Good lord I miss this woman. I could read and listen to her stories all day.

The book starts out as Carrie Fisher retelling some of the days leading up to her joining the cast of Star Wars in the late 70s, but then as the title suggests, she found some long lost diary pages and quite literally puts them in the book.

It's very much hearing about her life at the time, but Carrie Fisher is such a huge character with such a way of telling stories that I really enjoyed reading her accounts.

One thing that really suprised me was that she would write poems as part of her diary, and the poems are really good. It amazes me that someone can just throw out a thoughtful and well written poem and it's casually added to a diary.

Everytime I read Carrie Fisher or see her on the screen I wish that she was still in the world. But I am grateful of the legacy she's left behind.