Innocent and beautiful and left me wanting to take pause when looking around.

I first heard, to my shame, of The Little Prince on Netflix and the short part that I watched (I watched it with the kids and stopped around the 20 minute mark) I felt that it was especially unique. So when I saw it was indeed a book, and a particularly famous one at that, I realised there must be something special in here. I wasn't let down.

I'm not quite sure what the Little Prince is, I want to have this great epiphany about the story but if I had one, I can't articulate it.

The tale is certainly beautiful in a way that makes me remember to forget all the serious stuff (and numbers) of adulthood and remember the time I used to wonder whether an entire universe could exist inside a raindrop.

It's a romantic escapism of a book and I hope to share the book with my children one day soon.