Many, many personal stories of Christmas, perfect for Christmas time reading even if most carry the same message: family.

I like to read a feel-good-christmas-theme book around this time and having just watched Last Christmas the movie it appeared that this book was released in relation and in aid of raising money for Crisis.

There's many very short, almost blog post in length, stories from different people ranging from well known from movies to doctors to support workers - all of which are lovely and the perfect dose of reality for Christmas.

In fact, the book has helped me put some of my own feelings towards Christmas into perspective and helped me to rethink it a little bit.

The stories do have an aspect of repetitiveness but I think that's to be expected as really the best thing about Christmas is supposed to be being surrounded by family (be it of blood or of mind).

There was also the pleasant surprise to find stories from beyond white English speaking countries and how Christmas (an ultimately Christian affair) comes into their lives. It's something I was never taught at school and (shamefully) I've never considered much before reading this book.

Yes, definitely a good Christmas lead up read to refill what Christmas means to me.