My first Christie book, and it did not disappoint.

As kids one of my closest friends would read Agatha Christie like it was going out of fashion and I would struggle to read just a few single pages from a comic or magazine. As an adult I've finally found my way to read (using a Kindle with the right font, size and line height) and have finally entered the world of Christie.

I was quite surprised at how easy this book was to read (written in 1939), how easy it was to just keep reading and how it kept my interest. A wonderful murder mystery that initially had me guessing and unsure, then around half way decided that I knew who 'dun it, and by 75% I was at a loss again.

The book doesn't go deeply into word prose, but keeps the pace on who would end up under the chopping block next leaving us guessing: who, when and how!

I do also wonder how much of modern day media bases it's murder mystery on Chritie's work as I could conjure up images of the characters and the scenes quite easily in my mind.

Good stuff. Will be adding some of her popular books to my reading list.