Great page turner, and I loved the concept of how an individual exits whilst always forgotten in the world.

This is the second book I've read of Claire North's and unwittingly had already earmarked 84K (also by North). North's writing style is pretty unique with half completed sentences and almost a stream of thought put down on the pages. It wouldn't seem to work, but it reads brilliantly.

Hope Arden has a unique condition that she is forgotten. I loved that the book looked at the effect of being forgotten and the loneliness that goes hand in hand. There's also the practical impact of being forgotten such as medical treatment or anything requiring long term attention.

The opening chapters explain Hope's early life and though the story is told from Hope being (I think) mid/late-30s, the times that she's forgotten by her family is truly heartbreaking - and that's just the beginning!

The first half of the book is pretty evenly paced, by which point I couldn't quite see how the story would end (it sort of has a half-ending in the middle), but then the story goes up several gears and races forward, twisting around questions of sanity and reality (if you're always forgotten, do you exist? Did they exist? What don't you know?).

Definitely recommend.