My first read-twice book. A love letter to humanity.

This is the first time I've read this was 2 years ago, directly after reading Matt Haig's 'How to stay alive', and as such, it was easy to see the relationship between The Humans and Haig's own personal experiences.

On second reading I really enjoyed the characters perspective and fresh eyes on the world.

After my own personal tragedy, I remember walking through the woods and seeing the beauty of the late summer light shining through the plant life, as if seeing the beauty of everything that surrounds us.

Haig's writing and this story in particular, reminds me of this feeling. Seeing the wonder and amazing around us all the time.

The impossibly unique circumstances that bring us together, and for those lucky ones, share the love with others.

I could describe the story in this review, but instead I'd recommend reading this book and simply falling in love with all the wonder around you.