I read this book based on a recommendation regarding eating fats. On the title alone, I probably would have ignored this book, but the contents is absolutely superb.

If you're interested in nutrition and how the human body works (and obesity/fat and type 2 diabetes) then this book is a superb match.

The majority of the book is dedicated to understanding the problems of food consumption and how it affects our bodies.

Importantly, the pages are chock full of references to real scientific studies that support the claims.

The last part of the book is dedicated to long term maintenance and long term change (since all diets eventually fail due to the body adjusting it's energy expenditure for the calories being consumed). This is where the studies are a little thinner on the ground, bug Fung uses logic to argue his case (there are some studies, but not as such high frequency as the rest of the book).

All in all, this book has changed my views on dietary fats, helped me understand why we get fat and finally shown me why fasting works.

Highly recommended.