This review includes spoilers, you've been forewarned.

I didn't quite expect the book (read on my Kindle) to be *quite* that short.

I didn't quite expect the book (read on my Kindle) to be quite that short.

It's more of a scene than a book - which is fine, but exceptional short!

As the synopsis says, it's a story of a couple that want to share Christmas gifts but it comes at the cost of the possessions that are most valued to them.

In that, it's a tale of kindness and sacrifice. Except that the possessions they sell for the funds are spent on the one thing that complements the other's valuable possession, ie. Beautiful brushes for beautiful hair (that was sold to raise funds).

And in that this is a warning that possessions and gifts do not make one happy. Love does that, and it can't be bought.

The story also smacks of "older" times from New York (though I can't remember whether it was based there or not), and as such, even though both the man and woman make the same mistake, it seems that the woman is somehow left to blame and the man gets away with lounging back on the sofa.

Sure, those are words from the time, but I've really no idea how people are reading this book today and leaving reviews saying they're left with a year in their eye, etc. Left me feeling sorry for the poor sods.