This is Coco. She came to live with us at 9 weeks old last Saturday. She's a bundle of love and has us all already on our toes!

9 photos of Coco the dog, a very cute and little black and tan puppy

She's a mixed breed, but if you really want to stamp a term, Chorkiepoo…yeah - but mum is a Chihuahua, and dad is half Yorkshire Terrier cross Poodle (I'm assuming Toy given how small he was).

So now we have Disco, Kipo, Taco and Coco. Basically calling out a name and rotating it until we get the right name for the animal!

As for the cats, Taco (the bravest and smartest) has already started playing with Coco.

Kipo (the fearful, but gentle) is wary, but seemingly okay with Coco (and he's the reason we had to get a pup instead of a rescue - our original plan).

Disco (the aloof) is…well, he's been home about 4 times since last week, so we rarely ever see him, so it's anyone's guess as to what he thinks of the puppy!