Though it's only been a few days since my last entry I got to the end of that week and took some stock and realised, aloud, that I had a good week.

Again, this is for me and those who know me. The usual tech nonsense will resume (one day!).

I hadn't written anything on my blog for a while, or at least nothing that had flowed naturally so my "flavour of funk" post did come easily and it was good.

The Monday before that post (the evening before) I attended a (nearly impromptu) meetup run under Beyond Tellerrand from Marc Thiele and Storyblok. I saw friends who I've not seen in, what felt like a long time. I felt physically sick the whole time, in my guts but seeing talks, hearing ideas, seeing my friends faces - it was overall positive.

The next day I finally returned to the gym. It was gentle and I wrote the aforementioned blog post on the treadmill. It flowed out of me and the responsive was warm and friendly (thank you).

That evening I also had dinner with a long standing friend. So long that we agreed that we'd meet on the same day every month - which makes making sure we see each other much easier. It was nice, and they'd read my post (and are probably reading this post too, so hey ❤️).

Finally on the Thursday I started individual therapy (or counselling) properly (I'd had an introduction session the week before). I realised, and had to think carefully about it, that I had had a good week.

In the week that followed (last week), I've been trying to focus my thoughts on positive things to tell myself. I'm working on quietening down Bob's voice in my head, and when it's quiet, I'd like to begin to fill that emptiness with positive things, nice things, in my head.

It's still early days, like those early pages in a book, those first weeks on a diet or at the gym, but it's positive. I'm hopeful.