I've been quietly expanding the type of content I've been storing under this URL, remysharp dot com, but somehow I decided not to surface it … until now 🎉

So, if you've subscribed to my blog via RSS you'll find there's suddenly appeared a number of new, terser posts.

Introducing TIL & devlog

Particularly in the current global pandemic crisis, and being stuck at home, I need somewhere to put my thoughts and the voice that bounce around (because it's keeping me up).

I recently posted about how I took Simon Willison's TIL and made it work for me. Although I'm sure github will be around for another decade, I've decided that the primary hosting will be my own web site and not github (though all my pages are backed by github, including this one).

The Things I Learn will either be around web technology, JavaScript (on the server), the command line or even my ZX Spectrum Next tinkering (yes, I've been going super old skool).

The devlog is for my own sanity and probably the closest I'll get to week notes. I've been tinkering with an Oh Mummy clone for my Spectrum in NextBASIC, and although it's been more than a month I've been tinkering, I've decided to start a dev log for my own thoughts and diary-like note taking.

Links and newsletters

Along with TIL and devlog, my links that I annotate are also included in the feed. These are links that I generally put more effort into bookmarking and indicating what I think is useful about them (to me or you), so this won't just be me hitting "like" on twitter all over the place.

I also ran a newsletter for a little over 2 years. For some reason or another I decided to take a break at the start of this year (probably laziness) but they're also included in the feed and are more digest'y than full blog posts.

At home here too

All of this new (sort of) content has a home on this blog:

The whole feed also has an indicator tag to show whether the type of post it is (so if you're an RSS subscriber you can skim over things like the devlog if it doesn't interest you).

These entires also appear in search results on my site and on the archive pages (which now look like I've been super busy writing, which makes me feel good but isn't quite representative of the truth!).

I kind of feel like I've ruffled all the pillows in my website and sunk my butt right down to make a cozy remy shaped dent here. Oh, and you're very welcome to look around too ❤️