Dizzy. Our stripy cat. A stow away in Julie's handbag when we intended to only take home two cats - instead we left with three.

Dizzy by name and truly dizzy by nature.

I wanted to write something in tribute to our Dizzy. He was with us for 12 years, and this month he fell quite quickly sick. It was so sad to see him go from a big bold strong cat to a shadow of himself.

He was a homebody through and through. Always bounding up to us when we arrived home. Lazying around the lounge whenever he could. Even joining in on family board games.

Dizzy was loved to bits by the kids, and he gave that same love back in spades.

He is sorely missed by us all. I keep finding myself thinking "he's just a cat", but he was with us for over 12 years. In fact, he wasn't just a cat, he was part of our family.